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Praxisbeiträge auf dem MUUUH! Newshub

Seit 2019 schreibe ich mehr oder weniger regelmäßig Beiträge für den Newshub bei MUUUH! Next, einer Agentur und Geschäftseinheit der MUUUUH! Group, die sich auf digitale Kommunikation und innovative Technologien spezialisiert. Viele Projekte bei MUUUH! drehen sich um die Gestaltung digitaler (Kunden-) Interaktionen mit Hilfe innovativer Technologien, zum Beispiel dem Outsourcing von digitalem Dialog und Community Management, Dialogautomation (z.B. über Chatbots/Voicebots) und die Entwicklung von individueller Software (z.B. Apps).

In vielen meiner Praxisbeiträge auf dem Newshub versuche ich aktuelle, wissenschaftliche Publikationen am Schnittpunkt zwischen Strategie, Kommunikation und Technologie, in der Regel mit Fokus auf Social Media und Online Communities, verständlich für Praktiker aufzubereiten. Vielfach kommen die Themen aus Lehre und Forschung oder aber sie inspirieren diese im Nachgang. Neben den Transferbeiträgen aus der Wissenschaft gibt es allerdings auch einige Interviews mit einschlägigen Praktikern aus der Digital- und Kommunikationsbranche. Hier ist eine Übersicht:

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New Article: Online Communities as Strategic Assets

My new article, entitled “Sense, seize, reconfigure: online communities as strategic assets,” was recently published in the Journal of Business Strategy. The article was co-authored by my colleagues Matthias Wenzel, Heinz Theo-Wagner and Jochen Koch. Its purpose is to explore and illustrate how organizations may use online communities strategically to adapt to a changing business environment, specifically from a dynamic capabilities perspective. We draw on three cases to show how communities may be used to sense opportunities and threats (case 1: Notebooksbilliger AG), seize opportunities (case 2: BMW Group) and reconfigure organizational assets (case 3: Funke Mediengruppe). Continue reading New Article: Online Communities as Strategic Assets

Conference Presentation: The Strategic Impact of Online Communities

From May 18-20, 2016 the 21st conference of the International Academy of Management and Business took place in Montreal, Canada. I presented a paper entitled “Exploring the Strategic Impact of Online Communities: A Dynamic Capabilities Perspective.” In the paper we argue that online communities may help organizations to attain a competitive advantage by allowing them to sense and seize opportunities and reconfigure resources. We present three cases and describe how organizations have employed them accordingly. The paper was nominated for the Best Applied Research Award. You can find more details about the conference and my presentation below. Continue reading Conference Presentation: The Strategic Impact of Online Communities

AoM 2015: Session on Dynamic Capabilities

This year it’ll be the 5th time I’m attending the Academy of Management Conference. I have good memories of the doctoral consortia and workshops I attended in the early years of my PhD. Here are two of my blog posts from back then: Reflections on the AoM in 2011 and Reflections on the AoM in 2012. Over the years, the conference has become a standard summer event for me. This year, I teamed up with my colleague Madeleine Rauch (European University Viadrina/German Graduate School of Management and Law) to organize a symposium entitled ‘Dynamic Capabilities: Bridging Diverging Conversations’. We have brought together an interesting set of papers from researchers surrounding our research group on dynamic capabilities. We’re delighted to have Gianmario Verona (Bocconi) and Oliver Schilke (University of Arizona) as facilitators for the discussion. The symposium is sponsored by the Business Policy and Strategy Division, and the Technology and Innovation Management Division. Our session is scheduled for Monday, August 10, 2015, from 8:00-9:30am at the Vancouver Convention Centre in Room 205. If you are a strategy or innovation scholar interested in dynamic capabilities, we hope to meet you there. You can find the abstract below. Continue reading AoM 2015: Session on Dynamic Capabilities

CfP: Special Issue on Business Capabilities, Relationships, and Networks

My colleague Martin Eisend recently pointed me to an interesting call for papers by the journal Industrial Marketing Management. Maciej Mitręga, Sebastian Forkmann, and Stephan Henneberg are editing a Special Issue on Business Capabilities, Relationships, and Networks. As the title indicates, the special issue tries to combine the literature on dynamic capabilities, relationships, and networks. These foci happen to be the pillars of the doctoral program I recently graduated from. To my knowledge, the special issue is the first type of publication that explicitly tries to to link the topics above and it is noteworthy for that reason. Deadline for submissions is October 1, 2015. You can find more information about the special issue below. Continue reading CfP: Special Issue on Business Capabilities, Relationships, and Networks