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I like to do consulting work with executives and CIOs, who are working on their organizations’ digital strategies and digitalization initiatives. I also help organizations to build communities, normally in tandem with social media and community managers who will be responsible for and actively run them.

I have delivered consulting projects to a number of corporate clients and other universities. Previous corporate projects included developing evaluation concepts, designing seminars as well as running workshops with topic experts and executive teams. Universities have approached me as an external advisor for curriculum development and as an external member of appointment committees.

Besides my academic responsibilities, I also serve as an Associate Director for MUUUH! Next, a digital consultancy. MUUUH! shares my passion for digital strategy, innovation, and transformation. Among other things, MUUUH! Next offers outsourcing and automation of digital (customer) dialogue. MUUUH! Next also delivers customized software applications in all areas of digital communication (e.g. messenger apps, chatbots, voicebots, communities & platforms).