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CfP: Special Issue on Business Capabilities, Relationships, and Networks

My colleague Martin Eisend recently pointed me to an interesting call for papers by the journal Industrial Marketing Management. Maciej Mitręga, Sebastian Forkmann, and Stephan Henneberg are editing a Special Issue on Business Capabilities, Relationships, and Networks. As the title indicates, the special issue tries to combine the literature on dynamic capabilities, relationships, and networks. These foci happen to be the pillars of the doctoral program I recently graduated from. To my knowledge, the special issue is the first type of publication that explicitly tries to to link the topics above and it is noteworthy for that reason. Deadline for submissions is October 1, 2015. You can find more information about the special issue below. Continue reading CfP: Special Issue on Business Capabilities, Relationships, and Networks

Call for Applications: 6 PhD Positions

The PhD program in ‘Dynamic Capabilities and Relationships’, which I graduated from earlier this year, is currently seeking applications for six PhD positions, starting in April 2015. Deadline for applications is January 5, 2015. I think the terms are quite attractive, ranging from the choice of your own topic, a monthly scholarship, access to a laptop and research software to a personal research budget for seminars and conferences. More details can be found here.

Call for Papers: SSCR Special Issue on Social Media

Here’s an interesting call for papers for a special issue of the journal Social Science Computer Review on Best Practices in Social Media at Non-profit, Public, Education, and Healthcare Organizations. There are still a few days left until the submission deadline on July 30, 2013, so if you have a manuscript that’s almost done and fits the theme, it may be worthwhile giving it a try. Below is a short description of what the editors are looking for.

The special issue of SSCR aims to investigate and understand different aspects of social media use in government, nonprofit, education, and health care organizations. We are soliciting original contributions in the form of evidence-based , “best practices” studies, scholarship on legal and ethical issues, case studies, and empirical research. All lenses of inquiry , including strategic, organizational, behavioural, legal,  economic, and technical are encouraged. We are particularly interested in interdisciplinary and international research that develops and applies multiple perspectives.

CfP: Special Issue on Social Media in Business and Education

The Journal of Enterprise Information Management (JEIM) invites submission of quality manuscripts for its Special Issue on Social Media in Business and Education.

The aim of the Special Edition is to explore Web 2.0 & Web 3.0 technologies, including Blogs, Twitter, Facebook, Wikis and YouTube, etc, for business and education exploitation. The next generation of social media will involve social networking, document sharing, collaboration and interoperability. JEIM will consider evolving managerial, academic and pedagogical approaches and raise the profile of research in technology-enhanced applications; spread good practice in the use of Web 2.0 & Web 3.0 technologies for business and learning; and facilitate collaboration between practitioners, researchers, and policy makers. Manuscripts for the Special Issue on Social Media in Business and Education will include, but are not limited to:

  • Web 2.0 & Web 3.0 in business/education 
  • Enterprise 2.0 
  • Impact of Web 2.0 on organisational strategies 
  • e-Learning and Social Media 
  • Social Computing and social networks 
  • Facebook in business/education 
  • Micro-blogs and Twitter in business/education 
  • Wikis in business/education 
  • Blogs in business/education 
  • YouTube in business/education 
  • Collaboration and KM using Web 2.0 in business/education 
  • Mashups based inter-organisational collaborative services 
  • Semantic web applications and developments 
  • The future of Virtual Learning Environments 
  • The future of the university lecture

Call for Papers: Social Media Network Analysis

Here is an interesting call for papers on social media network analysis. The session will be held at the International Conference on Social Science Methodology in Sydney, Australia, from July 9 to 13, 2012. Submissions can be made until December 1, 2011.

Social Media Network Analysis

Session Convenor: Robert Ackland, Australian National University

This session is focused on innovative approaches for collecting and analysing social media network data in the context of social science research. Relevant data sources include digital trace data from newsgroups, WWW hyperlink networks, virtual worlds, social network sites (e.g. Facebook), blogs and micro-blogs (e.g. Twitter). While all papers focused on innovative research methods for born-digital social data are welcome, preference will be given to those involving statistical social network analysis techniques. We are also interested in papers focusing on computational social science and the challenges (and opportunities) for social scientists in an era of abundance of large-scale social media data sets.