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Call for Applications: 6 PhD Positions

The PhD program in ‘Dynamic Capabilities and Relationships’, which I graduated from earlier this year, is currently seeking applications for six PhD positions, starting in April 2015. Deadline for applications is January 5, 2015. I think the terms are quite attractive, ranging from the choice of your own topic, a monthly scholarship, access to a laptop and research software to a personal research budget for seminars and conferences. More details can be found here.

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David Wagner

Professor & Academic Director at Munich Business School, Associate Director at MUUUH! Next, Head of Research at Association for Community Management (BVCM)

2 thoughts on “Call for Applications: 6 PhD Positions”

  1. Hello,

    I am keen on applying for the doctoral program but I am finding it difficult to write about / choose a potential reseach project as outlined in the requirements. Although there has been extensive research on dynamic capabilities as well as organisational relationships (internal and external), the relationship between dynamic capabilities and organisational relations has been potentially overlooked. This is a very interesting topic of reseach as it impacts the abilities of organisations to achieve sustainable competitive advantage.

    Could you please suggest some reading material that will help me understand more about the dependency on a firm’s relationships with other firms and stakeholders in order to develop internal and external capabilities.

    1. Hi,

      You can find most of the syllabi for the PhD courses, including a list of key references, on the DCR website under the Teaching section.

      To position your own proposal at the intersection of dynamic capabilities AND relationships, you may want to have a closer look at the course syllabus of Readings in Dynamic Capabilities and Relationships II taught by Markus Vodosek. As you will see, the literatures on social networks and social capital may be a good starting point, for example.

      The journal Industrial Marketing Management has recently published a call for papers for a special issue on “Business Capabilities, Relationships and Networks”, which may help you to identify some additional references that are of relevance to the doctoral program.

      Hope this helps.

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