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Social Media and Community Management Survey 2015

A little while ago, I’ve taken on the role as head of the research committee of the Association for Community Management. The Association is a professional organization, representing the interests and supporting the development of social media and community professionals in the German-speaking part of Europe. I guess it’s the German equivalent of the Community Roundtable in the US. We’ve recently put together a project group, consisting of several researchers and practitioners, in order to develop a social media and community survey, which we’re launching today. Our objective is to analyze the working conditions of social media and community professionals and the organizational context in which they are embedded. We’re also trying to better understand how communities contribute to organizational performance. If you’re working as a social media or community manager in Germany, Austria, or Switzerland, I’d like to encourage you to take the survey.

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David Wagner

Management Professor, Academic Director (DBA) and Vice Dean, Research at Munich Business School

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