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How to Increase the Odds of Publishing Your Research?

The points below were collected in three sessions, namely Publishing Qualitative Research in Premier Academic Journals, How Can I Make An Impact? A Conversation with Management Researchers Seeking to Change the World and Publishing in the Top Tier.

What needs to be in it in terms of content?

  • Know your literature(s)
  • Follow events that are ongoing
  • Study longitudinal processes
  • Study field settings and diverse groups
  • Study how and why questions
  • Strategically choose your research question(s)
  • Focus on neglected problems
  • Have a bold vision
  • Focus on results/value creation
  • Use examplars (i.e. other articles in your journal of choice that have studied similar phenomena or used similar methodology)

How do you generate ideas and get access to data?

  • Use student projects
  • Come up with call for problems (much in the same way as we do call for papers or call for proposals)
  • Talk to big thinkers
  • Leverage partnerships/co-authorships

What are questions to ask yourself?

  • What are research questions you really care about?
  • What’s the career you would like to pursue and where can you make a difference?
  • What would you like to be your legacy?

Although I am aware that there is no recipe to publishing research, I do believe some of these suggestions will help me to focus my efforts. I hope the same holds for you.

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