Looking for a Spanish Language Meet-up in Nottingham

I am a big fan of Spain and Latin America. I have spent several months studying in Spain and Cuba, and I worked in Ecuador for a while. Some of my friends are similarly interested in the Spanish speaking hemisphere which allowed me to do some more traveling in Mexiko, Colombia and Venezuela while they were there. Over the past year, I attempted to locate the Spanish speaking community in Nottingham. However, I was not particularly successful. Last weekend I decided to become more proactive about the issue. According to Gumtree, there seems to be one group meeting on Monday nights in the city centre. The waiting list for Nottingham on Meetup consists of 295 people. This makes me think there is plenty of untapped potential. If you have heard of any regular meetings, please do let me know. If you have any suggestions regarding the organization of a meet-up, I would also be happy to hear about them. I was thinking of bringing people together in the Bar de Nada maybe once a month.

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David Wagner

Senior Strategy Consultant at diva-e Digital Value Excellence GmbH (diva-e); Visiting Faculty at German Graduate School of Management and Law (GGS); Head of Research at Association for Community Management (BVCM)

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