I’ve taught at undergraduate and graduate levels at several business schools, such as:

  • Business School Berlin (BSP)
  • German Graduate School of Managment and Law (GGS)
  • Munich Business School (MBS)

Here’s a selection of courses I’ve been teaching over the last years:

  • Online Marketing & Social Media Marketing
  • Human Resource Management in a Digital Age
  • Digital Transformation
  • Digital Business & Innovation
  • Digital Sports Management
  • Business Research Methods

I’ve been involved with both full-time and part-time programs. The former are traditionally semester-long courses with a few hours of teaching each week. Part-time teaching often takes the form of intense full-day sessions, usually on weekends.

One of my personal teaching highlights was the development of an online course entitled ‘Human Resource Management in a Digital Age’ (here’s the link to the YouTube trailer). Below is a video interview with Harald Schirmer, Manager Digital Transformation and Change at Continental AG, which was part of the course.