In terms of teaching, I’m trying to emulate a former lecturer of mine, Dr. John E. Brennan, who kept on emphasizing that “economics is a living, breathing thing.“ I couldn’t agree more. Our field is lively and exciting. My hope is that I can transmit this liveliness in my lectures and ignite my students’ inspiration.

I’ve previously taught modules on social media and online communities, usually embedded into marketing and innovation courses. I have also developed a course on research methods for business students. I’ve taught at both undergraduate and graduate levels at several business schools. My biggest teaching project at present is the development of a MOOC, entitled ‘Human Resource Management in a Digital Age’ (to be launched in 2016).

Below is a short video lecture on ‘Open Innovation and Online Communities’. Although it’s recorded in German, you may use YouTube’s auto-translation feature and it comes out okay (but not great!) in English.